VVOF Mail-in Membership-at-Large Application

Yes I want to join the Vietnam and All Veterans Of Florida as a member-at-large under the Vietnam and all Veterans of Florida Association.

All information supplied by you is confidential, and will not be distributed to anyone else.

INSTRUCTIONS: Type directly on the form. It is important that ALL fields be filled in. Further instructions are at the end of the form.


First: Middle Initial: Last:

Address: City:

Zip: State: Country:

Email Address:

Branch of Service:

Period of Service:

Phone # Just the Ten (10) digit number not a 1

Home Ph: Work Ph:

Please separate numbers with a dash -

Date of Birth :

Annual Member-at-Large ($10)

I certify that my US Military Service was honorable, that I have never
subsequently been discharged under other than honorable conditions.

Signature of Applicant above

Date Signed

Print and mail this completed application, along with a check for $10.00 to:

Vietnam Veterans of Florida Association
2304 Woodland Drive
Edgewater, FL 32141-4320

Where did you learn about the State Coalition?

Please let us know here ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

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